Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ace Movers Determine the Pricing?

The final price will be determined with the use of the Ace Movers's estimates matrix which combines different aspects. The indicators that affect the final price are generally the weight of your belongings, and the interval of time, as well as the distance it is being carried.

As expected, the total expense of your move will raise if there are additional services and special handlings. This calls for special considerations for fragile, valuable or bulky items, additional mileage and any moving or storage supplies which you might want.

When I Must Plan?

In your move in Ace Movers, is quite not that early. You should remember that you have to allocate yourself six to eight weeks from the point of your moving date. By doing such you will be able to take care of any unexpected things that might come about. Certainly, if you provide yourself more time for this situation, you'll encounter less headache.

Are There Stuffs ThatAce Movers Will not Move?

Yes; certain stufsf cannot be legally transferred by the moving experts at Ace Movers. These stuffs can be your pets, perishables, plants, and most importantly weapons, and poisons. Bleach, charcoal, and motor oil are also included in the list.

Are Valuables, Antiques, and High Value Stuffs Can be Moved by Ace Movers?

The Ace Movers will transport all your prized possessions just like antiques. As a matter of fact, people hire movers for this reason. Think this through, if you want to transport any of your antiques, you won't be guaranteed for damage-free moving for your items with the fact that you're the only one who will do all the hard work.

Employing the pros of Ace Movers will release you of all your worries because they have insurance policy which will cover your belongings in case problems take place while moving. Other than that, you can also monitor your stuffs whenever they are being moved by way of the Ace Movers's satellite monitoring technology.

Can Ace Movers Handle Moving My Appliances?

Yes, although appliances must be serviced, cleaned and disconnected before loading. Ace Movers can also provide you a hand in searching for professionals in your area who can aid you preparing your appliances before moving.

Should I Tip Expert Movers?

It is the ordinary practice that you tip the movers, but you can also choose not to. Giving them food and drinks is also advised. Providing them with a pizza and sodas would be more than enough. Tips are generally between and per mover and the total tip cash must go to the supervisor to share if there are numerous movers.

Will I Need To Be Present For The Move?

We require you or any rep has to be present during the packing process. This way, Ace Movers will not have a tough time informing you the progress the movers are making. Having somebody that can generate any decisions or can answer some queries might always be helpful to our movers.

For free of charge consultation, you can call us anytime today. You can also opt to fill out the quote form if you like. We guarantee you, it would be the very best thing that you have ever done.

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